Raspberry Instant Oatmeal Cookies

For the first few weeks of this semester I was struggling with coming up with something to eat for breakfast the days I didn’t have to get up early. I had all this time to make food but most breakfast food just doesn’t seem good to me in the morning.

One day I’m at Walmart and they had a massive box of instant oatmeal for like $1.50 or something and I thought “hey, I like oatmeal!” But I’ve been spoiling myself with my Strawberry Overnight Oats so much, the instant oatmeal packets just tasted like mush, I couldn’t do it.

So not only was I back to square one with the breakfast food, I had this huge box of oatmeal packets that I didn’t know what to do with! So I turned to Pinterest (which I love by the way and you should totally follow me) and started looking around at stuff to do with instant oatmeal packets and saw that people had been making cookies with them!

But I didn’t want just plain old maple and brown sugar cookies, that’s no fun. So I looked in the fridge and found a whole box of raspberries that my boyfriend had bought for us to eat this weekend and we completely forgot about. Nothing’s better than fresh raspberries, they’re like a dessert all in themselves, we were so mad we forgot about them. So, courtesy of my boyfriend and our poor memories, I give you Raspberry Instant Oatmeal Cookies!

Raspberry Instant Oatmeal Cookies - VeggieHacked.com

Raspberry Instant Oatmeal Cookies - VeggieHacked.com There’s almost no ingredients in this, it’s so easy! I like to use the Maple & Brown Sugar flavored oatmeal packets, but I’m sure you could get some good cookies out of the other flavors too if you experiment a bit. Notice I’m not adding any sugar either, there’s already enough of that in the oatmeal packet. I’m just adding in some raspberries (cause raspberries are awesome), and butter and a “flax egg” to help it stick together, plus the flax gives it some extra nutritional value!

Raspberry Instant Oatmeal Cookies - VeggieHacked.com You literally just need to dump everything in a bowl and mix it up. It doesn’t make a lot of batter, one packet makes about 3 cookies, but I find that’s perfect for breakfast for one, so just scale the recipe to one packet per person and you should be good. I also like to mash up the raspberries a bit as I stir so they get mixed in better.

Raspberry Instant Oatmeal Cookies - VeggieHacked.com Spray/grease a baking sheet and scoop out cookies roughly 2 inches across. I like to squish them down a bit with the spoon and make them a little flatter. Bake at 350 for about 12-15 minutes, until they start to brown on the bottoms and enjoy warm!

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