About Me!

Hi! Welcome to Veggie Hacked! My name is Tori, I run this website!

Tori - VeggieHacked.com

So about me: I’m one of those poor broke college students, studying Computer Science, and I love to cook! I started cooking mostly out of boredom sometime towards the end of high school and since then I’ve been slowly picking it up.

Although I’m not vegetarian myself, I seem to find myself surrounded by them (almost my whole family AND my roommate are all vegetarian! ) Learning to cook in a household with no meat means I almost never use meat in my recipes, so all my stuff is vegetarian friendly!

A lot of my family has also recently become vegan, presenting a whole new set of challenges whenever I’m home. I struggle to cook without eggs or cheese, but it has also opened me up to a whole new set of ingredients and methods that I never would have tried otherwise. Most of my cooking is done at school where I’m free to purchase my own cheese so not all of my recipes are vegan, but I try to work some in and a lot of them that aren’t can easily be made vegan.

That’s all from me for now. Hope you enjoy the site!


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