Not a Food Post But….

I really wanted to get a good post up this week, but then I got sick. Ewwww!

Between having zero appetite and getting into the crazy time that is the last month of the semester, I barely cooked at all. But luckily I had this on backup! I had planned on waiting a bit longer and filling it out a bit more first, but what can you do.

So a couple weeks ago I was on Spring Break and had a lot of time to kill so I started working on this little side project. I’ve been putting together a series of tutorials on how to start your own blog!

This is a thing a lot of bloggers have been doing recently but I’ve noticed even though a lot of them say things like “3 easy steps” or “simple setup”, it’s not really that straightforward. I followed their steps when I set up Veggie Hacked and still had to do some poking and tweaking along the way. And I’m a computer science student, not everyone can tweak as easy as me!

So I’m making a bunch of really actually straightforward how-to’s with screenshots and everything so anyone can figure it out!

you shoudl start a blog - VeggieHacked.com

I think blogging is one of those things everyone should try in their life. They’re cheap and relatively easy to set up, it’s something productive and educational to waste your time on, and it’s a great creative outlet.

Sure, maybe no one will ever see it. But who cares?! It’s something I enjoy doing, and I spend about 7,000% less time staring at Netflix. Plus once in a while someone discovers a knack for it and gets lucky enough that they can turn it into a full time job. You never know, not unless you give it a try.

A lot of people would probably be more likely to start a blog if they knew how easy it was. Sure, it takes a little learning and a lot of poking at things, but it’s an easy skill to pick up, and a fun one! I know not everyone is as tech savvy as us computer science people, so that’s why I’ve decided to put together a series of simple tutorials to make getting started easy as possible.

Starting a blog - VeggieHacked.com

I’ll cover finding hosting, setting up a domain, getting WordPress installed, picking a theme, essential plugins, how to make widgets and follow buttons for your favorite social networks, writing posts, creating recipes, and so much more! Keep checking back because I intend to continuously add to this page. I’ll start with the basics of starting a blog but I want to cover as many aspects of not just food blogs but blogs in general, to help spread the knowledge. The more tutorials I make the easier it is on you!

You can check them out here or using the handy new link on the main menu at the top of the page. I hope you find them useful!

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