Installing WordPress On Your Website

Installing WordPress - VeggieHacked.comA lot of times WordPress optimized hosting isn’t an option, or at least not an cheap one. In that case, setting WordPress up on your site is as simple as the click of a few buttons, if you just know where to look.

cPanel – a standardized control panel used by most hosting services that provides a user interface for website owners to edit their website, install add-on’s such as WordPress, track visitors, and many other things. 

If you don’t have WordPress optimized hosting, chances are you have a cPanel. Log into your hosting service and do some poking until you find it. Probably go under the website you’re working on and it’s usually pretty easy to find. Once you’ve got it, we can work on installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress on your Website - VeggieHacked.com Find the section of the cPanel that looks something like this and click on the Auto Installer icon. This allows you to install add-on’s like WordPress really easily.

Installing WordPress on your Website - VeggieHacked.comLocate the WordPress icon (it’s a blue circle with a white “W”) and click on it. It will direct you to the WordPress installer.


Installing WordPress on your Website - VeggieHacked.comFinal step – you have to specify where to install WordPress and set up your admin username and password. If you plan on making your whole site a WordPress blog, you can just leave the first entry blank. Fill in the admin username and password, and then make sure you write it down someplace because it’s super important, you can’t edit your site without them!

Hit the “Install” button and you’re all set! WordPress will install and then you can access your admin dashboard at “www.yousite.com/wp-admin” (i.e. mine is veggiehacked.com/wp-admin). Put in that username and password you wrote down and you’re ready to start adding things to your site!

Don’t know what to do next? Try my First Steps tutorial! (coming super soon!)

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