Branching Out

So the last few days I’ve been reading through some of the income reports over at Pinch of Yum and it’s been really inspiring to see how they took something they love doing and turned it into such a huge source of income.

I couldn’t ever hope for my little blog here to get that huge, I just wouldn’t have the time, but my biggest takeaway from those income reports was the inspiration to work harder at branching out and growing in my own way.

My new goal is to get a post up at least once a week. I know I’ve been slacking a lot but I’ve got a good streak going and I’d like to keep that up so from now on I want to post a new recipe every Monday. Now hold me to that!

I’m also working at having more of a presence on some other social network and recipe sharing sites. In the past I’ve been posting regularly to my pinterest, instagram and twitter as well as submitting as much as I can to Foodgawker and Finding Vegan. I have yet to get a picture accepted to Foodgawker but Finding Vegan has accepted almost all of my vegan recipes that I’ve submitted, which has been awesome! (and you can see them here)

Starting this week I’m also trying out a few other sites that I learned about reading Pinch of Yum. I got a publisher page set up at Yummly that you can see here. That one I really like because not only can you save recipes but it also recommends others based on your taste preferences and what you’ve saved before.

I’m also trying out Tasteologie, although their submission process takes quite a bit longer so I’m still waiting to hear on that one, and Tumblr. I’m not sure how much I’ll use tumblr, I set up a page here and we’ll see how it goes but it seems a little redundant for the amount of work it will take to post there. And lastly you can also follow me on Bloglovin‘, which is pretty much a site to keep track of all the blogs you follow and also where that cool new icon on the sidebar came from, it leads you right to my Bloglovin’ page!

But most of all, my biggest goal is to improve my pictures. You can branch out all you want but if you don’t have good contents none of it will make a difference! I’ve found a few tips and trick from around the internet, and now that the days are getting longer I’ll be able to utilize natural light more. I’ve liked each post more and more but I can always get better!

TL;DR Check out some of my new pages and follow me, I’m going to post at least every Monday from now on!


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